An Attitude of Gratitude


Expressing your gratefulness goes a long way in team motivation and daily happiness. Here’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“We are grateful.”

I work for a company where the statement above is one of our guiding principles. Isn’t that great? I work for an organization where being thankful is valued. And it isn’t just a statement in our handbook, or something stenciled on our wall in the office, it is an action that we perform daily.

It is rare that a workday goes by without someone saying, “Hey, thanks for that! I really appreciate it.” And they sincerely mean it. Who doesn’t like feeling valued by their teammates, leaders and peers?

But it doesn’t just happen in quick, daily conversations or Slack messages. We take time out every Monday morning to gather as a company and celebrate each other. During this time together we give shout outs for work done well, we celebrate work anniversaries by spotlighting the employee’s contributions to their role and the company, we celebrate staff birthdays and big life moments. But what we really do, is show our gratitude for the work we are blessed to do, from the clients who mean so much to the employees who make it happen day in and day out.

An attitude of gratitude breeds infectious positivity which fuels incredible ideas that drive success for our clients and our team members.

This “being grateful” culture drives our company. It shows up in how we conduct ourselves when we win and especially when we lose. We know that if we maintain a thankful, helpful posture the rest will take care of itself.

In a year when it may be hard to find many things to be grateful for, I would encourage you to find them anyway. Even though we have faced incredible challenges, missed out on important milestone events, have had our lives interrupted and disrupted and maybe even faced incredible loss, now is the time to press pause, reflect, take a look around and be grateful.

I will help you get started by sharing a few of the things I am grateful for today:

God and his love for me!

My immediate family (Mike, Kaitlynn and Austin) and their unconditional love and support!

My leader, Ken Robbins and how incredibly thoughtful he is and what a great leader he is!

My extended family. Thanks for always being a phone call or Facetime away!

My work family at Response Mine Interactive, especially my Services Division teammates. You all are simply incredible, and I appreciate each of you!

My blog readers. I appreciate you spending time with my content and hope it is helpful to you!

Our clients! We are so blessed to have such wonderful clients who trust us with their digital marketing programs! We are grateful for the chance to serve you!

So, this Thanksgiving I challenge you to take on an “attitude of gratitude.” Make it your mantra and see how different the world and your perspective look.