What are the three Cs of marketing telehealth?

Know how to position your program to speak to what patients are looking for to help them better manage their health. Here are the telehealth marketing three C’s you need to know to strategically maximize your marketing spend.

What Is Telehealth?

Are you ready for the telehealth revolution? Understanding what this new healthcare trend is and how it can rewrite the healthcare industry as we know it is important to make sure your company is well-positioned to better serve your patients. Here’s...

What are the challenges of telehealth?

As with any new emerging healthcare service, there are pros and cons. The question with telehealth becomes, can it be a profitable model that positions both the patient and the medical provider to reap the benefits.

Blog: This Is Telehealth Marketing.

Adopting the new technology and new strategies that are required to serve more patients, provide better treatment outcomes and better market the organization’s capabilities and services — this is a glimpse at what it takes to grow from just...