Changing Your Messaging During COVID: Focus on What Matters to Patients

Changing Your Messaging to Better Marketing Your Telehealth Offering

In the fallout of the pandemic, changing your messaging in order to bolster your telehealth marketing requires knowing your patients.

As the pandemic stretches on for nearly a year, how patients are interacting with their medical providers has evolved. With over 71% of patients now preferring to schedule a telehealth appointment over an in-person visit, staying in front of your target audience with your telehealth offering is mission-critical.

Here are ways that you can elevate your messaging and positioning to resonate with the new crisis-oriented consumer.

Be an Education Source 

Now more than ever, patients are looking for ways to stay informed about the pandemic and how to manage their own health at home. By conducting a video series to share expert guidance to stay safe or by releasing credible content that patients can read to stay up-to-date on health trends and symptoms can be helpful to increase your brand engagement. For example, Mount Sinai has recently launched a podcast series led by healthcare workers to share ways to stay calm through the pandemic.

Share Important Safety Protocol

When it comes to staying safe from exposure to COVID-19, what better source to provide that information than a health brand? You can share what your healthcare practice is doing to keep patients safe as well as what new protocols have been implemented to keep your providers healthy.

Update Your Patients On New Procedures

If you have implemented new processes or requirements for patients as a result of the pandemic, then be sure to share this information as well. Things such as new office hours, new telehealth offerings, new ways to engage with health professionals, how to receive emergency care, etc. are all important things to include in your messaging. 

Showcase Team Accomplishments

If you have a rockstar staff that is going above and beyond to care for patients and keep them safe, be sure to highlight this as much as possible. 

Also if your staff have specialized credentials (i.e. infectious disease expertise) that make them well suited to care for patients during the pandemic, this can be an important component to share in your messaging. 

Share Your Telehealth Track Record

Though patients are more willing to try telemedicine now more than ever, you can further differentiate yourself from other healthcare brands by showing your stellar track record. Whether you’ve completed a certain number of telehealth appointments, received awards, helped patients save money, etc. these are great stats to bring forward in your messaging.

Highlight Your Business Opening

As more elective and non-emergency procedures begin to resume, it’s highly effective to put together a strong marketing and communication plan that’s focused on engaging current and new prospective patients with messages related to how you will proactively keep patients and providers safe.

Expand Your Capabilities

As patients look to more convenient, affordable, and online options to connect with medical providers, creating new ways for patients to engage and manage their health can be vital in your marketing messages as well.

The key to standing out from the crowded telehealth space is rooted in understanding your audience so you can determine the best ways to provide relevant information that will resonate with patients and keep your brand top of mind!