What are the three Cs of marketing telehealth?


Know how to position your program to speak to what patients are looking for to help them better manage their health. Here are the telehealth marketing three C’s you need to know to strategically maximize your marketing spend.

Getting higher rates of patient adoption for your new telehealth services program can be challenging. The key is to know how to position your program to speak to what patients are looking for to help them better manage their health. Here are the telehealth marketing three C’s you need to know to strategically maximize your marketing spend.

When it comes to marketing to the new empowered healthcare consumer, you have your cards stacked against you. With greater access to medical advice and information online, some consumers are skipping the doctor altogether and relying on search engines to help them manage their care. However, with the emergence of telehealth, medical providers now have a unique ability to tap into exactly what consumers want and are looking for to take control of their health outcomes.

What is it that the empowered healthcare consumer wants?

Convenience, Communication, and Care Quality.

And, telehealth is conveniently at the cross-section of all three of these consumer demand areas. But, how you market your telehealth program to speak to each of these core areas for your target audience will spell the difference between scaling your program, or having to close it down completely.

Here’s how you should be leveraging the telehealth marketing three C’s.

Convenience. By eliminating the commuting need for patients to visit doctors, convenience is at the heart of telehealth. Though this is an obvious benefit that telehealth provides, you will want to clearly paint the picture as to the level of convenience patients can expect with your specific telehealth services. For example, are you saving patients 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 4 hours of time from having to commute to your facility? Can patients access your telehealth services from a mobile device or do they need a stationary computer? Likewise, how easy is it to use your online platform? Is it user-friendly for all age groups and technology proficiency levels? How quickly can patients be connected with a doctor? Is connecting with specialists an option? These are important things to highlight in your marketing messaging to show prospective telehealth patients that using your services is more convenient than your competitors.

Communication. Telehealth offers a host of enhanced communication capabilities that traditional in-person visits cannot. Through the use of mobile apps, patients can connect with doctors over instant message, app notifications, or even with two-way video conferencing. In this way, telehealth has been found to generate patient satisfaction levels of up to 91%, which in turn will likely lead to greater engagement with your brand as a whole. The key to marketing this component is in how you position the greater access to medical advice and support that patients will receive when they use your telehealth services. Highlighting video testimonials or providing online video tutorials detailing how your system works to connect patients and doctors or specialists will be important to showcase the higher level of communication possible.

Care Quality. With more than 44% of Americans skipping out on receiving medical treatment when they are sick, telehealth is an opportunity to get these patients back into the healthcare system. By not having to travel when they don’t feel well, offering a low-cost alternative to traditional medical care, and providing greater access to specialized care is why telehealth is improving healthcare outcomes. Recent studies have found that telehealth can reduce patient hospital stays and readmissions by up to 81% and can enhance the level of care that chronically ill patients receive from their medical teams. Likewise, you want your telehealth marketing to include messaging around better health, higher quality of living, and overall improved feelings of productivity and empowerment for patients.

Telehealth is a growing force to be reckoned with. Its impact on the healthcare industry is yet to be fully determined. However, telehealth is opening up new sectors to continue to empower patients to take an active role in managing their health and enjoying healthier lives. Need some help with marketing your telehealth offering? Send me a note with details on your project, and we can chat.