3 Tips to Engage Patients Through Social Media


There are many facets to successfully using social media. Here are 3 steps to using it masterfully for your telehealth brand.

Mastering social media as a way to drive greater patient acquisition extends well beyond what you post. With over 400 million images and videos posted on Facebook alone, every day, finding ways to stand out from the “noise” and engage new patients is easier said than done. 

The key to winning the social media marketing game is to be strategic with how you post to compel your followers to engage with your content. For those telehealth brands that are able to maximize their post reach, they can expect to see consistent increases in brand awareness and recognition.

To position your social media profiles to gain the highest level of traction, follow these three steps.

Get Clear on Your Brand Voice

Posting frequently on social media is only part of the marketing battle, especially if your posts have low engagement. To give your social reach an instant boost, be sure that the text and images you post are immediately relevant to your target audience. Consider what fears, frustrations, challenges, and aspirations your ideal patients have and infuse this language and sentiment into what you post. 

The important thing to note is that you will want to be intentional in the words, phrases, and imagery you choose so that followers can begin to associate your posts with your telehealth brand.

Encourage Your Followers to Respond

Social media is a communication tool and should be leveraged as such. It is your way to have a two-way conversation with your ideal patients and get their input. You can achieve this by asking questions in your posts, encouraging followers to post about their experiences related to a particular health topic, or ask your followers for their feedback about what they’d like to see posted more often. These are all highly effective ways to signal that you both value and listen to what’s important to your patients.

Plus, the insights you’ll gain from hearing directly from your followers can be just what you need to evolve your telehealth brand to better fit their needs, wants, and preferences.

Make Your Posts Easy to Consume

The average attention span has dwindled down to just 7 seconds. Which means you have to capture your followers attention before they scroll. It’s always good practice to aim for concise, conversational posts that are under 100 characters long. Social media analysts have found that posts with 40 characters or fewer generate 86% more engagement than longer posts. 

Before you write your social media post text, it’s important to get clear on your objective for posting and what specific action you want a follower to take when seeing your post. If you want to increase video views, for example, having a strong call to action of: watch now would be important to include.

Mastering the social media marketing game isn’t hard work, but it will take time to perfect the right strategy and posting schedule. It can be helpful to work with a social media specialist to nail down the right campaigns to launch, so you can start to see results with less guessing. If you would benefit from having a free social media consultation to get started, let me know and I would be happy to connect.