How Healthcare Brands are Using Instagram to Inspire Being Healthy


#Teleheath #EngageyourAudience – Yes, your telehealth brand should use Instagram to connect with prospective and current patients.

#Teleheath #EngageyourAudience – Yes, your telehealth brand should use Instagram to connect with prospective and current patients.

Who said you couldn’t use social media to improve your health and well being? When it comes to standing out from the crowd, Instagram can be a highly effective channel to inspire your target audience to improve their health and stay engaged and connected with other patients suffering from like conditions. The key is to think outside the box and create highly engaging, innovative campaigns that both resonate with your audience and put health and wellness front and center in a new way. 

Here are three things to consider when creating your campaigns:

  1. Focus on conditions that are common, relatable to patients who suffer from them and where your brand can provide useful information. Not only does this increase the size of the audience you can reach, but it will have a more meaningful overall impact with your audience. Now that telehealth is being used to treat and monitor chronic conditions, think of ways your telehealth brand can engage with prospective patients about receiving care at home. Connect directly with those affected by the conditions and encourage them to share success stories. Have one of your physicians provide video tips on how to better manage chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or COPD. Show positive outcomes and innovative ways that your telehealth brand is connecting with patients.
  2. Leverage patient and provider stories. As the pandemic has led to increased use of technology to stay connected, it has also led to new ways to provide care for patients and help them improve their health. Find creative ways to share stories of grateful patients. They can help drive traffic to your telehealth brand’s website. Think about creating a weekly video series that highlights a “story of hope,” a “provider hero,” or “a success story.” Video and photo stories can be inspiring and engaging for your target audience.
  3. Keep the Instagram audience in mind. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to remember that the users on Instagram skew toward a younger demographic. As such, the more visual and engaging your posts the better reach and engagement  they will achieve. You want to also research and leverage hashtags for each post, as appropriate, so your content can be easily found.

Need some inspiration?

Check out how these three healthcare brands have connected with potential patients on Instagram!

@TeamNovoNordisk is out #ChangingDiabetes and growing a loyal following on Instagram. The professional cycling team’s mission is to inspire, educate, and empower people affected by diabetes by sharing stories from around the world. Their sponsor is Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company with 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. The healthcare company through its cycling team sponsorship has found a way to connect on a very human level with those suffering from diabetes. @TeamNovoNordisk engaged not only with the cycling community through the #ChangingDiabetes hashtag but reaches a broader audience of those people suffering with diabetes through the use of the #defeatdiabetes hashtag. With this approach, they have been able to both promote their mission and their racers all while continuing to bring awareness to #diabetes. This is an excellent example of a global drug manufacturer harnessing the power of social media to bring awareness to its brand and its mission in a very approachable and human way.

United Healthcare is on a mission to inspire their audiences to live more active, healthier lives. Their campaign called #WeDareYou encourages people to make one small change to improve their health each day. These changes can be doing 30 minutes of daily activity, eating more fruits or vegetables, or spending time meditating, Followers are asked to post photos of themselves on Instagram with the hashtag #WeDareYou to be entered in monthly health challenges and contests. This has been a highly effective way to get more patient engagement and encourage return medical visits.

Aetna has launched a #MentalHealthMonday campaign that highlights daily activities to participate in to promote mental health. These range from yoga, to meditation, to journaling, or getting outdoors and being active. Aetna also encourages users and employees to share their everyday coping strategies as a way to continue the conversation around mental health and its importance. This is similar to Johnson & Johnson’s campaign that featured current employee stories of how they battled and overcame various mental health illnesses.

Don’t be afraid to try a new and different campaign to encourage the younger, tech and digital native demographic on Instagram to connect and engage with your telehealth brand.