How to Use Pandora to Market Your Telehealth Services


Pandora is a ubiquitous, high-converting platform that often goes overlooked. Learn more about how Pandora can help you target and acquire more high-value patient candidates.

Why Pandora Is a Channel You Should Consider

Determining your paid media mix is critical when you’re trying to scale your telehealth solution. Getting more user adoption is absolutely necessary. The question is how to target the segments that are the perfect fit for your solution – those most likely to consume your services.

How Telehealth Marketers Can Leverage Pandora

Pandora offers a full array of ad types with varying functionality – audio ads, display, video and sponsored content to name a few. You can target prospective patients across devices with their platform. You can target by geography, demographics and behavioral context. While the platform doesn’t have the billion+ user reach of Facebook, its 80 million user base has proven to be both valuable and high-converting for a lot of marketers.

How Pandora Is a High-Value Channel in Telehealth

Healthcare-focused marketers are capitalizing on the cross-device advertising functionality that Pandora offers. An Arizona vein clinic leveraged the platform and saw a significant increase in new patient consultations. In fact, the conversion rate from Pandora was significantly higher than aggregators like ZocDoc.

Contextual Audience Targeting with Pandora

Pandora released a local insights infographic which showcased their ability to match behaviors to demographics to geographics. For instance, your ads might get more engagement in Bend, Oregon – according to Pandora, people in Bend listen to more streaming radio than anywhere else in the country, based on average user listening times.

In reference to the previous example in Mesa, Arizona, “Pandora leveraged proprietary data to deliver the Advanced Vein Center’s audio messages specifically to female listeners, age 30+, who live within a 10-15 mile radius of the Mesa, AZ practice.”

Why Pandora Is Gaining in Influence & Importance

With the sunsetting of cookies signaling a sea change in digital paid media, more advertisers should be looking to platforms outside of Google and Microsoft Advertising as healthy supplements to their existing campaigns. GDPR and CCDA won’t render Google ads useless, but changes in privacy laws are drawing new lines around what kinds of data can be used in certain contexts.

As you refine your media mix and consider ways of incorporating more emergent media into your customer acquisition strategy, think about voice-enabled devices. Pandora comes standard on many connected cars and connected home devices. They’re marketing to a captive audience.

If you need some help determining your strategy or building out media campaigns at scale, send me a note. I’d love to know more about how you’re growing your telehealth product or service.