How to Use Programmatic Display to Market Your Telehealth Services


Learn the methodology of programmatic display to market your telehealth services

How can I use programmatic display in my paid media funnel for telehealth services?

You can enter auctions and buy display ad space programmatically through Google Display Network (GDN) or through third-party vendors. But be advised – because of privacy restrictions, these types of native ad placements work best when the targeting is applied to top of funnel parameters, not bottom of the funnel tactics like remarketing. Use programmatic to build awareness and nurture prospects into and down the upper part of your funnel.

How Programmatic Display Works

Given that companies spend billions annually on programmatic advertising, you may be asking yourself how it works and whether you should consider it as a part of your paid media strategy. 

In simplest terms, programmatic display is a method for buying targeted display ad space without having to go directly to DSPs (demand-side platforms). Google calls this type of advertising “programmatic direct” in its literature and outlines the parameters for what you can and can’t do using this system. This is a type of scalable native ad buying methodology and service.

Where Your Telehealth Marketing Messages Will Appear

The beauty of programmatic display is that you get to choose the types of placements you buy so that you can ensure that your telehealth marketing creatives show up only in the kinds of places you deem appropriate. Depending on your budget, you can set parameters to bid on different types of digital real estate and placement parameters based on your targeting specifications.

Types of Targeting & Personalization

Programmatic display is most often used in upper to middle funnel campaign strategies. Since Google announced the sunsetting of cookies and the updates to personalization since GDPR and CCPA, advertisers now face more restrictions when it comes to the use of data that identifies users. That being said, programmatic display is not a tactic for advertising based on demographic information like user interest or remarketing through user lists. Instead, programmatic display can be used to target users at the city level but not at the zip code level. However, Google will target based on users’ current location, content on a current site or app as well as current search query terms.

Leveraging Vendors for Marketing Telehealth

Digital marketing agencies have been a go-to for many companies who want to wage sophisticated display advertising. The reason for this is that agencies employ subject matter experts who have considerable knowledge of Google display tactics, 3rd party vendors, how to optimize display campaigns as well as the legal restrictions on display advertising. And in the health and healthcare space, there are tighter rules on what you can and cannot do with display ads. This set of guidelines includes topics like rules on advertising medical devices and medical procedures.

How to Structure Your Display Creative and Landing Page

If your intent is to educate users with content and build trust with your audience base, consider running a static creative that points to a landing page that is structured like a piece of educational content. 

Seek to address a user problem and offer content aimed at solving that problem. This is a great place to build in a CTA for users to join your email list or download a whitepaper. At this stage of the buyer’s journey, focus on adding initial value and nurturing users to become leads. It will be a win for your marketing efforts and will help build your credibility in whatever telehealth vertical you serve. 

Measure the Success of Your Display Ads

You can calculate ROI on programmatic display by baking it into your downstream customer acquisition cost and measuring that against your customer lifetime value to gauge the profitability of this channel (or any other upper funnel channel).

If you’d like to discuss your paid media funnel, customer acquisition strategy or how you can leverage programmatic display for your telehealth company, send me a note and we can chat about your specific goals and what your next steps look like.