How to Use Target Market Tools for your Telehealth Practice

Target audiences

Are you aware of where all your potential audiences are? Here are some target market tools that can help with marketing your telehealth services.

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of identifying and understanding your target market/audience, it’s time to dig into some of the tools you can use to precisely serve your messages to that audience.

Not only can the following tools be used to target your audience, but they can also be a good source of gaining additional insight about your audience.

Let’s start with the basics:

Google Trends

It is exactly what you think it is, a tool in the Google suite that allows you to see interest in specific keywords, phrases and topics over a period of time. So how can this tool be useful as you are trying to figure out how to market your telehealth practice? Well let’s say you want to attract telehealth patients in a specific area within your region. You can use Google Trends to help you determine if there is any interest in “telehealth, telemedicine, virtual care, virtual doctor” in the area you want to target. This would help identify if it is an area worth focusing on.

Let’s say you want to take your telehealth offering nationwide. You can also use Google Trends to show you the top cities, states and regions with the most interest in telehealth. You simply input the search terms that would indicate that users are searching for telehealth or telemedicine and Google Trends will show you the areas with those most searches/interest for those terms.

Google Trends can also identify seasonal trends in interest of keywords, phrases and topics. This would help you understand when there is more demand in the marketplace for you to capture with your advertising.

Facebook Audience Insights

This is a tool available in Ads Manager that provides a wealth of demographic and psychographic information to help you further define your target audience. According to Facebook,  Audience Insights is “a tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.”

Let’s say you just started your telehealth practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and want to raise awareness in your local community about your new offering, but you also want to ensure patients know they can still visit your brick and mortar location. Think about what you would want to know about your potential patients: how many people on Facebook live near your brick and mortar location, how many people on Facebook live in the region you plan to serve with your telehealth offering, etc.  You would also want to know their interests, their past behaviors when engaging health brands and how they tend to purchase services (online vs in-store).

By taking advantage of Facebook Audience Insights you are able to pull anonymous and aggregate information on the following according to Facebook for Business:

Demographics – Age, gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role and household size

Page Likes — The top pages people like in different categories, like health brands or healthy living

Location and Language — Where people live and what languages they speak

Facebook Usage — How frequently people in your target audience are logging onto Facebook and which device(s) they are using

Purchases Activity — Past purchase behavior and purchase methods (in-store, online)

Facebook gives you the ability to view the above information on three different groups of people:

1. The general Facebook audience (People who have an account on Facebook)
2. Anyone connected to your Page or event
3. Anyone in any Custom Audiences you may have already created (for example: an audience made up of your current customers)

All of this rich information will allow you to build a very targeted audience that is open to hearing your marketing messages and is most likely to become a patient.


If you haven’t thought to use Reddit to help you refine your target audience, you are missing out. Reddit is referred to as the front page of the internet, and for good reason. If something is being talked about, it is being discussed on Reddit by A LOT of people. And some of those 420+ million active monthly users are likely to be in your target market.

Reddit communities are called subreddits, and this is likely where you will locate your target audience since the subreddits are built around common topics of discussion. It is a target-rich environment for marketers.

In order to locate your potential audience on Reddit, use the subreddit search tool. Look for common topics that you think your audience would be discussing related to telehealth. Once you have identified a keyword that makes sense, type it in the search box and resulting conversations regarding that topic will appear. To view what is most popular look through the top results keeping an eye out for how many upvotes (on the left side) each post has. This is essentially a popularity meter, the more upvotes the post has the more popular the post.

Dig into the top two or three results with the most upvotes to determine what the audience in those conversations are discussing. This can help you create content that will capture the attention of those audiences and drive them to your telehealth offering.

These are just three examples of target market tools that you can utilize to capture the potential patients that you have identified fit your target audience. If you need help with these tools or figuring out who your target market should be, shoot me an email or give me a call.