Leverage the Top Social Media Trends in 2021 for Telehealth


With ever-growing user bases, telehealth brands will want to use social media trends to turn their profiles into bottomless lead generation machines.

A new year ushers in a host of brand new opportunities for brands to leverage social media in creative ways. 

As more than 1.3 million new social media users register on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat every day, telehealth brands will want to create winning social media strategies to instantly turn their profiles into bottomless lead generation machines.

To do that, telehealth brands will want to first get clear on their ideal client, their brand voice, and their specific social media posting strategy. The key to truly maximizing the reach of social media to drive traffic and new patient acquisition lies in crafting highly relevant content that your ideal clients want to consume.

By studying social trends and staying up-to-date with new features that are rolled out across all platforms, telehealth brands can strategically and intentionally position themselves to stay in front of their target audiences as much as possible.

Here are the top three social media trends to watch in 2021:

  1. Video content is and will remain king. With more than 17,000 hours of video content consumed every minute across all social media platforms, telehealth brands will be left behind if they don’t post video content at least once a week.

    This can range from patient testimonials, to posting relevant interviews with physicians around common illnesses, or even virtual tours of their offices. The important thing is to consider the type of video content that your followers engage with the most and be sure to include more of that in future postings.
  2. Influencer marketing will explode. Marketing experts estimate that nearly 68% of all brands will use influencers to expand their brand and reach new audiences. This number is nearly double what it was even a decade ago. By partnering with prominent influencers, telehealth brands can also access new features on various social channels that are only available to users with a certain following count.

    In addition, influencers enable brands to get the instant “social stamp of approval” that could help them overcome many of the objections new patients may have to using telehealth services. The key will be in finding an influencer that fits your brand voice and has a following that represents your ideal client demographic.
  3. Live streaming events will reach more people. As almost 20% of US adults have watched a live show or performance on a social platform in the past 6 months, this medium is not expected to go away anytime soon. Over 55% of brands are expected to host a live event sometime in 2021 to engage with a larger target audience, in comparison to other more traditional in-person events.

    So, whether you partner with other health providers to offer a live streamed health seminar or open up the opportunity for followers to ask questions or get health advice in real time, there are a host of ways that live video content can help explode your telehealth brand.

BONUS: Don’t forget the power of story content. With almost every social platform offering a 24-hour story feature, this has evolved to be one of the most effective ways to expand your social media reach. It’s estimated that of all “viral” stories, nearly a third of them were posted by companies. This represents a huge opportunity for telehealth brands to leverage the social story content that patients are already consuming and position their services as the ones to trust for their healthcare needs.

If you’re interested in exploring how to maximize your social media reach in 2021, using any one of these social media trends, let’s connect. I have a host of creative strategies I can share to take your telehealth brand to the next level.