Marketing Telehealth via In-app Advertising


Learn how to leverage in-app advertising to market your telehealth services

Many patients today no longer have the desire, time or patience to travel to the doctor’s office when it is open and sit around waiting to be seen. Today’s health consumer wants instant access wherever they are, whenever they need it. Customers want a similar experience to “same-day” Amazon Prime shipping, but from their healthcare provider. Most patients see the value in just “Facetiming” or having a call with their provider via telemedicine apps. 

89% of patients use a health-related mobile application, so as patients schedule appointments, manage doctor bills, access health records, and track test results, telehealth marketers have a targeted opportunity to advertise their services via in-app ads to a highly relevant audience.

Being relevant and appropriate is key to in-app ads. The last thing users want is for their ad experience to feel “creepy.”

Telehealth marketers must be on the right platforms, with the right messages, at the right time. This is especially relevant in relation to millennials who are digital natives. They now represent the largest population segment, so it is critical to meet them where they spend time online. Segmenting by geography, interests, behaviors, time and other factors are a few ways marketers can build audiences that are more likely to be receptive to the marketing message.

 And, in-app mobile advertising is one way to do just that.

Using Apps to Target Audience Segments

The apps that people use every day are ideal places to advertise telehealth solutions – take Pandora as an example.

If Sally is on the elliptical at her gym or in a cycling class, there’s probably a stand for her smartphone. If she’s a Pandora listener, she can queue up her favorite workout jams – and with the right targeting strategy – you can queue up your ads to be served for Sally.

And it’s not just fitness and health apps that are fertile ground for in-app ads. Gmail ads and Google Discovery ads are great for capturing more space in people’s everyday field of vision. Many of the in-app ad options today look and feel a lot like native ads or display ads, which we know can be very useful marketing tools.

There are also in-app ads that we may generally bucket as paid social – but apps like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are everyday staples in many top companies’ marketing mixes.

In-App Examples

Most interesting are the ways health companies are partnering at the local level with apps like WAZE to create in-app experiences that drive patient action:

Image via Healthcare Success

This is just one example of how health marketers are leveraging in-app advertising today. If you’re looking for help advertising your telehealth offering and are interested in how you can improve marketing results through in-app ads, send me a note and let me know more about your company’s strategy and focus. Last summer, we presented alongside several strategic partners including Pandora at our 3 A’s Masterclass. See my webinars page to find out when I’ll be teaching on audiences again soon.