Multichannel Marketing Scorecard for Your Telehealth Brand

Multichannel marketing scorecards for telehealth

Going back to basics and checking these items off your list will strengthen the effectiveness of your telehealth marketing campaigns.

As patients are more willing to embrace telehealth, now is the time to position your services in front of those who are actively searching for convenient, online medical care. The key to advertising your telehealth brand is being clear and concise with your messaging, especially if you have both a physical office location and a telehealth offering. 

Clarity Checklist 

Here is a checklist to use to ensure that your healthcare marketing doesn’t confuse your telehealth patients.

  • I actively manage my local listings on Google for maps and local intent
    You want to keep your listing updated and reflecting the most list of services and contact information.
  • My promotions and messaging both online and offline are mirrored
    It’s important to be consistent in what promotions you offer, to avoid any confusion between online and in-person patients. If you are running telehealth only or office-only specials, be sure that this is clearly communicated in your marketing.
  • I measure new patient volume from both online and offline sources
    With any marketing campaign, you want to track the ROI by measuring key performance metrics such as the number of new visits or new patients as well as any changes in sales.
  • My evergreen messaging for online and offline channels is synchronized
    Again, all messaging should be consistent to build brand awareness and to have your benefits be clearly displayed across all of your marketing channels.
  • I have a promotion and content calendar
    Staying organized is important to ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities to promote your services. Ideally, you want to run marketing campaigns for at least 3 weeks to see how well it performs. And, as often as possible, you want to keep your marketing content updated.
  • I run local offers and test media to measure channel lift in specific regions/locations
    The more you can track and quantify your marketing results, the more tailored you can make your future advertising. If you find that one location has generated more leads than another, this can be important in shaping how you approach your ad placement going forward.
  • I have specific offers and landing pages for telehealth patients vs in-person patients
    Though your in-person and your telehealth services are under the same brand, it’s important to separate the landing pages based on the offers. In this way you can make it clear what is included and what patients can expect depending on the landing page they arrive at. This also makes it easier to quantify your results and identify which channels drive which type of patients.
  • I am able to track where my patients came into my marketing funnel and how they converted
    Without tracking stats, it will be hard for you to know which channels are yielding higher conversions and marketing ROIs over others. When you can make marketing analytics a priority, you’ll be well-positioned to know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Channel Considerations

When developing your multi-channel scorecard, promotions and messaging aren’t the only considerations to focus on. You have to also ensure that the distinct marketing channels you are utilizing are better connected to drive both in-person and telehealth appointments. 

For a more cohesive marketing approach, the following checklist should be used:

  • I have dedicated budget to drive in-person visits and telehealth appointments
  • I have a call tracking solution that helps me track patient appointments
  • Our clear marketing rules help minimize channel confusion for our brand
  • Promotion calendars for both online and offline channels are coordinated
  • We understand how to geo-target around our location to maximize in-person visits and capture potential telehealth patients near us
  • We set goals and measure each of our marketing channels based on our set KPIs
  • We have calculated out best patient value
  • We understand the cost to acquire a new patient for each of our services

How to Use These Lists 

These checklists are meant to serve as a guide for providing a more connected marketing experience for your brand’s patients. For those areas that you haven’t addressed, focus on strengthening them first before deploying your campaigns, so your messaging can be the most efficient and effective, while also making it easy for your patients to interact with your brand.

If you need help with any marketing challenge, please feel free to reach out. I would be happy to discuss your challenge and potential solutions that I know have worked through the years.