Social Media Video Advertising: YouTube


Advertising your telehealth services on YouTube provides a unique opportunity to reach millions of prospective patients.

As more than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every minute, the video platform has become a must-use for many telehealth brands. With consumers looking for ways to manage their own health and seek medical advice from physicians and medical providers online, using YouTube as a marketing tool can be very lucrative. 

The beauty of the platform as well is a telehealth brand can create a unified, branded YouTube channel to house all of their video content. Whether it be intro videos for new patients to watch to get familiar with how their first telehealth appointment will work, to other videos explaining how to navigate the online patient portal – YouTube can easily become an online informational portal for your telehealth patients.

On the advertising side, YouTube can be a very effective marketing platform, enabling telehealth brands to reach millions of new prospective patients. In addition, YouTube targeted ads have a 32% higher conversion rate than on any other social media platform. By leveraging targeted ads based on what users are searching for, you’re able to target those patients who are actively looking for either medical advice or for telehealth services specifically. This increases your ad engagement and can be a highly cost-effective way to drive more brand awareness and web traffic to your website.

For telehealth brands looking to stand out, YouTube can be an ideal channel to reach millions of prospective patients both through an educational approach and with more direct ads. When it comes to educational-style videos, creating a video series can be the best way to reach a larger audience and to create “binge-worthy” content. Plus, the added benefit that YouTube provides that other platforms don’t is the ability to monetize your videos, when you meet certain subscriber and watch-hour criteria. In this way, not only would you be able to attract prospective patients with your video content, but you could also make money from YouTube on each video as well. 

The key in creating videos that will achieve your customer acquisition or brand awareness goals is to select topics that are highly relevant to what your target audience is likely searching for. As an example, with telehealth still being a new medical service for many people, videos around telehealth myths, how to get the most out of a telehealth appointment, even how to select a good telehealth provider can all be topics to create videos on. 

Ideally, on YouTube, videos within the two- to three-minute range perform better than longer videos that often users will stop watching after the first few minutes, or not click on them at all. Likewise, videos with closed captions perform better as well since not all viewers will watch a video with their volume on.

If you’ve thought about using YouTube to grow your telehealth brand, then now is the time to start producing engaging video content. Not sure where or how to effectively get started? Let’s connect and I’d be happy to share the proven video marketing strategies my clients have used to explode their ROI on YouTube.