Should I be advertising on Google to market my telehealth services?

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When it comes to maximizing your ad spend to drive patient traffic to your telehealth services, here’s what you need to know about Google advertising.

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As the largest search engine on the planet, not advertising your telehealth services on Google is not an option. When it comes to maximizing your ad spend to drive patient traffic to your telehealth services, here’s what you need to know about Google advertising.

As more health and wellness providers implement telehealth options for their patients, it will become harder to stand out in the market. If you take too long to advertise your telehealth services, you risk losing valuable market share. If you jump the gun and invest in the wrong marketing channels, you could sink thousands of dollars into advertising with lackluster results. The key is to know where to advertise that will help you stretch your marketing spend and acquire new telehealth patients.

That’s why leveraging Google advertising is a must to grow your telehealth services program.

When you understand how to use Google to market your brand, then you can unlock the secret to staying in front of your target audience at every touchpoint of their patient journey.

Here are the top ways you should be advertising on Google and its platforms.

Paid search engine ads

You want to be front and center when a patient searches for telehealth-related keywords. Since the geographical barriers are eliminated, your target market is no longer limited to the patients that can travel to your offices. As such, using Google ads can be an effective way to drive more traffic to your brand and to increase brand awareness. 

Plus, with some of the highest conversion rates across all industries, paid search in healthcare gets you strategically-positioned in front of patients when they are looking for care.

Google Display Network (GDN)

With this service, you can create highly-targeted marketing messages that will appear for specific patient segments. In this way, you can tailor your marketing to speak to your patient personas to compel them to act. 

Not only is personalized advertising more effective than taking a mass marketing approach, but with GDN you can ensure that your marketing spend is used to attract your target audience every time.

Geo-targeting with Google Maps

Finding prospective telehealth patients is now easier than ever before. Using geo-targeting, you can dynamically have ads change depending on the location of the patient. In this way, you can create highly-personalized ads that use location-specific language, positioning your brand as the go-to for telehealth in that patient’s area.

Brand Storytelling with YouTube.

Stories are a powerful tool to entice new patients to try your telehealth services. And, video content is the best way to do just that. As a Google-owned platform, you can leverage YouTube for patient testimonials, sharing telehealth-related content, even to create a channel around giving patients greater access to medical advice for a particular condition. The key will be in creating a robust video content strategy and using it to bring your brand to life in ways that immediately resonate with your target audience.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and proven marketing channel to get your telehealth services in front of new patients, then tapping into Google’s marketing power is a must. Ignore this massive marketing platform and your telehealth growth could be permanently stymied.