Understanding Analytics that Impact How You Market Your Telehealth Services


In today’s hyper-digital age, it’s more critical than ever before to have a robust marketing framework to track your marketing effectiveness.

In today’s hyper-digital age with a record number of patients looking for telehealth options, it’s more critical than ever before to have a robust marketing framework to track your marketing effectiveness. When you’re able to fully understand your marketing campaigns from all angles, you’re better positioned to make strategic decisions that can increase your marketing ROI. Not to mention, you’ll enhance your ability to reach a larger audience, for less ad spend.

But, Telehealth Providers Beware…

Not all analytics tools are made equal. You’ll want to reverse engineer your results to choose the right analytics platform that will monitor, record, and track the key metrics that are the most valuable for your telehealth brand.

Here are the top metrics you will want to continually analyze to determine your marketing campaign effectiveness.

Website Traffic Source

Having a clear picture of where your website traffic is coming from is essential to maximizing the results of your marketing campaigns across all of your platforms. Whether traffic is clicking through from a social media post, a paid display ad, or coming organically from search engine inquiries you’ll want to keep your finger on how your campaigns are performing at all times. When you see one source dominating in sending website traffic over another, this could warrant further consideration to place more marketing spend on those platforms.

New Appointments Booked

While pinpointing your highest traffic sources are part of the marketing equation, it is also important to quantify your campaign results by the number of new telehealth appointments booked. By tagging your campaigns, you can easily track back to which marketing platforms resulted in the highest number of new patients. With this knowledge, you can strategically invest marketing spend in those channels that you know are yielding the highest returns.

Gathering Demographic Data

The best marketing analytic systems are able to go beyond customer interactions (measured by clicks and website visits) and also gather important identifying data. This can range from age, income level, education level, zipcode, etc. By understanding who your telehealth patients are, then you can craft messaging that speaks to them and more readily engages them to take action.

Tracking Lifetime Customer Value

The faster you can identify who your highest value customers are and what platforms they came from, then you can align your marketing to attract more of them and take your marketing ROI to a new level. Many robust marketing analytics platforms will enable you to track the appointments booked, revenue spent, and other key metric points. However, it is important that you study this date to ensure that your marketing campaigns are generating the lifetime results you want. 

Choosing the best marketing analytics tool for your telehealth business can often come down to how well it can track and report these four marketing metrics. It’s important to consider an analytics platform that can grow with you as your marketing campaigns evolve and your need for more detailed metrics expands. The key is in finding a system that will work to help you achieve your long-term telehealth brand goals while also giving you easy access to the information you need to make highly-targeted, compelling campaigns that will move the needle.

If you’d like some recommendations on marketing analytics platforms, I’d be happy to connect.