About Virginia

Virginia Lewis is a leader in healthcare and patient experience marketing who helps healthcare organizations and hospitals launch digital marketing initiatives, achieve better marketing outcomes and measure the results of their marketing. She has worked with the Mayo Clinic, Piedmont Healthcare, Baxter Regional Hospital and more. She currently works as an executive for digital marketing agency Response Mine Health in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are a few things about Virginia from a recent interview.

What are you up to when you’re not marketing telehealth?

I have lots of hobbies — two of which are wine and running. My goal is to complete a full marathon. I have completed plenty of half marathons, and I’ve started training again. We’ll see if I can complete a marathon this year! When it comes to wines, I enjoy trying to figure out flavor profiles and tasting notes. Also, I love hanging out with my husband and my kids.

Is there a quote that inspires you?

“What would you do if you were not afraid?” —Spencer Johnson

How’d you end up becoming a healthcare marketing executive?

My plan early on was to be a veterinarian. I always had a love for science, particularly biology, and also for animals. In college I worked two jobs, one at my local veterinarian’s office and the other at my hometown newspaper. While I loved working with animals, the paper gave me an opportunity to do some interesting journalism work.

I followed that route for many years, working for all of the big media companies including the New York Times Company, Gannett and Cox Media.

By the end of my tenure in journalism, I’d partnered with marketing on several initiatives and that’s where I realized I’d been missing out. So, I took a leap of faith and joined a technology startup with clients in the healthcare industry. Fast forward several years where I worked in smaller startups then bigger marketing agencies and was afforded the opportunity to run marketing campaigns for Mayo Clinic and Piedmont Healthcare. An opportunity presented itself a couple years ago to work for Ken Robbins who was then looking to hire an executive to run his Services Division that could help grow the healthcare, fitness and wellness practice at Response Mine Interactive. The rest is history.